Weekly Update: 06/02/2017

I’ve had a very productive week the past 7 days. Here’s how it went:

The good
Generally my knee has been really good. There’s less clicking and popping and my range of motion seems to be increasing. I’m still keeping up with plenty of romanian deadlifts, managing 7×10 of 20kg.

More importantly, I’ve been bouldering! It’s pretty scary to be honest. I started stepping off, but managed to jump off a little higher in control a couple of times. I should point out that I’ve worked at becoming comfortable at controlling single leg hops on an agility ladder before I even thought of bouldering. The risk of an uncontrolled fall is the real limiting factor at the minute. I can rock over (though not sit on my heel), but I’m taking care not to apply too much twisting to the knee. With all this is mind, I was chuffed to manage to get a ~7a boulder problem at the local wall yesterday! It’s really nice to have my knee start to feel like a ‘normal’ knee. It felt a little tender the day after, but otherwise fine.

The not so good
I’ve been absolutely knackered. Getting to the gym every day for rehab felt like a real grind this week. I feel like I’m still lacking a lot of control, especially in my single leg squat. with this in mind, I’ve decided to add some more unilateral work to try and improve this.

And that pretty much sums up my week. Great progress that I’m really glad to share with everyone. Watch this space for details of a new exercise I’m trying, how to fix an ACL and a couple of posts from the Costa Blanca where I’m off to make the most of my mostly functional knee before the big op.




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